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Into Your Arms (AP Live Sessions) | The Maine

This version is reverbed. (my slang for adding echoes to make it sound like they’re in playing in a concert hall)

I was only playing with the effects on this one, but I felt the need to share. More of these stuff can be heard on emptyarena's blog!

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Anonymous said: Hi I'm in need of other blogs like yours can you post some?

Heeeey. And by blogs like mine you mean dedicated fan blogs right? 

They’re all over here.

And again, please like this post if your blog isn’t on the list, while if it’s your friend’s blog or any other random blog please message.

However, some or at most a half of these aren’t active anymore — I’m too lazy to pick through them and take them out one by one.

Just go through the blog and check how they update please.

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